My husband is out of town, it's been a dreadfully long day, I'm so sore, I've worked really hard both at work-work and on personal projects, and I deserve a wonderfully trashy reality show. I'm fine with spending money buying myself one on Amazon streaming. My favorite reality shows of all-time are Flavor of Love and I Love New York (I worship Tiffany Pollard, AKA New York). I adore dumb and combative drunk people—preferably with fake boobs and eyelashes and a fuckload of eye makeup—saying delightfully stupid things.

I'm not super crazy about watching wealthy people be useless wastes of oxygen in really obviously orchestrated activities, but if the drama and delightfully dumb things are good enough, I could be persuaded to watch it. Would I like Vanderpump Rules? Got any other recs?

The second season of Catfish is free on Prime, but I'm kind of over that show by now. I mean, who the fuck can't tell when they're being Catfished these days? I just watched an episode where the guy who was being catfished was actually told the truth three times by the girl catfishing him, and he just chose not to believe her when she told him, and then called the show anyway for some reason. If I'm going to waste my brain cells on something that idiotic, it needs to be way more fun than that.