There's probably something t o be said about creating false Internet personas, and invasion of privacy by multinationals in a consumer driven society; probably. For my own part I got my phone from the menders this Friday. As much as I'm concerned with service providers knowing every facet of my personality, even the things viewed in "private browsing ". It came as a large relief when I could log into my Google account and download all my contacts and apps that would have been lost previously. There's probably some sort of trade off letting someone have all access to you but then try and sell you shit you don't want. Google plus asks me all the time if I need to know the driving time between my house and a certain destination I've worked at. Scary shit.

Then there's environments that allow anonymity but open the door to falsehoods and Billy bullshitters.

Straddling the two and deciding which one leaks into the other can be an interesting balancing act. For the main I think you have to take people at the word until their actions prove otherwise.

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