Oh you guys. Thank you all, so much. I want to respond to everyone's kind thoughts and wishes, I'm just so spent at the moment. Please know that your sweet words mean so much and have been an enormous comfort. Despite a troubled relationship, losing my dad has been more painful than I realized it would be.

Unfortunately, it looks as though things will only get worse before they get better, thanks to his wife. At first my father's second wife asked my uncle, my father's youngest brother, to handle all the arrangements. Now she's insisting on handing everything and informed us that we are not welcome at the wake or funeral. (Though she did manage curb her grief long enough to ask if the life insurance policy in place from the family trust funds would still be payed in the event of suicide, and to inform my uncle that she would be selling my father's stock in the family chemical company - giving him her $3.5mil "asking price" for said stock in the process. Truly mournful, that woman.)

Happier times: Scylla, age 17, and Papa Sin, dancing to Glenn Miller.