The staffing industry is considered a bellwether industry when it comes to the economy. Traditionally, if the economy begins to improve, you see the first upticks in the staffing industry. If the economy is tanking, the staffing industry slows down first. And guys, it's getting sloooooowwwwww. It happened abruptly. This was our best year since 2008, everything was going like gangbusters even after the sequester set in, and then, when the shutdown happened, it hit a wall. Clients are laying off employees left and right, job orders are coming in at a trickle instead of a flood.

It's gonna get bad out there for everyone, real soon.

I wish we could fire the Republicans in Congress into the cold depths of space with nothing but that freeze dried astronaut ice cream crap to eat. They should be provided with tools with which they can kill and eat one another. I wouldn't recommend anyone eat Boehner, though. He's got more orange dye in him than Kraft Macaroni N' Cheese.