I've calmed down a bit, thanks to the Ativan Rx I got and your support as well as my sister's and fiancé's.

While I think my boss has been unreasonable and unfair - especially in putting me in juvenile court and then offering no help and training - and has a tantrum-rsque management style, Georgia's employment laws give him plenty of latitude to fire someone. There are oversight agencies for our branch of law that I could tip off after leaving but that is all I would want to do.

The office manager (who was in my reprimand meeting and has been with him forever) told me not to worry and that he felt bad about the situation happening at all. She does not believe I'll be fired. I'm still prepared for that possibility nonetheless.

My plan is to gain as much more experience as I can and then self-incorporate and do contract appointed work for a while. Once I'm on ATM's insurance and am no longer paying for everything by myself I will have some freedom. I know people who could help me become proficient in family law so I can serve as a guardian ad litem for kids in certain hearings.

There's a job opening in another county for adult defense but I don't know if I want to go back to that. I really love working with kids.