Sunset Boulevard is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's more forgettable musicals (a list which includes everything other than Phantom, Evita, Superstar, and possibly Dreamcoat). It won a number of Tonys by default the year it opened, and was quickly lost to the mists of time. The score is memorable, though—not because the songs are all that great, but because they're all repeated so many times that the listener can't help but memorize the melodies (there are three or four pretty good songs in the show, but if you're ever in the unlikely position of purchasing a copy of the cast recording, go with the "highlights" version—the only thing you'll be missing is the last eight versions of each song).

Why bring it up? Because one of the songs I've always liked is set in the New Year's Eve scene from the movie. Glenn Close is no Gloria Swanson, and Alan Campbell is miles from being William Holden, but I like this one—let's stick together and make the next year perfect, folks.