So I took my recent query about eggnog to Google, and found some not-entirely-helpful information about making it in big batches. But, thanks to Wiki Answers' silly sidescrolling, arrow-based responses, I ended up with the following, terrible-when-you-think-about-it-for-two-seconds advice in response to "How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?":

I guess its all depends on what you are doing. If Im at a party and there to get drunk, then Ill drink till I am falling over, though most experts would say this is too much. If I am doing something active like wakeboarding for example, I seem to find about four beer inside a couple hours is a good limit. Just remember that your body metabolizes a beer or shot every hour, so unless you really know what you are doing, keep track of what you have drank and what the time is. Always be safe and dont go driving or swimming or anything like that.

Four drinks in a couple of hours, and you're still good to go for wakeboarding. The answer isn't accompanied by a picture of Darwin, but I can only assume that that's because of copyright concerns.