Could pedophilia be considered a sexual orientation? I mean, it's not like pedophiles choose to be pedophiles, no more than any of us choose to be gay or straight. We have a tendency to view them as monsters, largely because the ones we hear about are. The cold, calculating priest or coach who's been abusing for decades until finally someone speaks up. The playground snatcher. The murderer.

But then there's Adam. I'm willing to say that there are a lot more pedophiles like him than Jerry Sandusky or the man in the video that pushed Adam over the edge. But they're the voiceless ones; we don't hear about them unless they're caught viewing the images and videos, and in that case we assume they're the worst images and videos.

I don't think they can change anymore than a person can change from straight to gay or vice versa, even if they want to more than anything in the world.

We're hard wired to think of these people as monsters. And some of them are. But I don't think a higher percentage of pedophiles are into rape or domination or abuse than straight males. (Granted, the sexual contact between a minor and an adult, regardless of any semblance of consent or 'enjoyment', is abuse and rape, unlike between two consenting heterosexual or homosexual partners, but I'm talking about stuff like forced sodomy, humiliation and physical assault of one party rather than "just" sexual contact).

Regardless, it's too late now. Any attempt to strip mandatory reporting laws off the books will be shot down faster than an attempt at establishing Islam as the national religion and any politician who tries it will lose reelection by 80%.

There's no help for the Adams.