If you haven't read it, he's got his undies in a bunch because in an interview with Tavis Smiley, Lennox was asked about covering Billie Holiday's strange fruit, a song that specifically talks about a lynching. Rich's problem is that Lennox didn't use the word lynching and accuses her of a white washing the song.

The problem is, she has specifically talked about the songs meaning and yes, the L word, lynching. She talked about it in this German interview. The translation is by Google Chrome.

What are the songs that have incorporated you mean?

For me they are like an emotional journey. I wanted to record different, with an arranger, an orchestra. These songs have so much to say on so many levels. I tried giving them a deepest emotions. If one of 1939 sings a song like Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit", which is a symbol of lynchings in the southern United States at the time of the civil rights movement, then, the still valid today. Because it's currently at about less barbaric than it was then?

So this album is as a kind of calling an activist?

Since I am committed to HIV and AIDS sufferers, I have seen many things that I can not shake. I have traveled to places in the world such as Malawi, Uganda or South Africa, where women and children have no access to contraception. Hardly that they are 20, they have to take care at five children, and often they die in childbirth and the children end up as orphans. So I see all these things that play no role in our Western world. This has to change. The shot me straight in a song like "Strange Fruit" by the head. I see the song as a statement about bigotry and the horrible things people do to each other.


She specifically talks about the songs lyrics and about lynching in this interview too.


Is he really upset that in one interview out of the many many interviews she's given promoting this album, she doesn't use the world lynching? Every write up about this album the authors usually state that fact up front. It's clear she knows what it's about and she's said as much. I honestly think he's pissed off she said something critical about Beyonce.

Lastly, is this gem of Lennox talking about the song and lynching in this youtube video.