It is a choice. I chose to do it, and sure, sometimes it blows. I do it because, I get to take really good shit, that somebody else pays for, and I get to make it my own.

Yeah, you get some pretty shitty people, and sure it is super fun to talk about some spectacular case of “This was good, but I expected better.”

If ya ever actually cared about the best way to eat food at a place you simply need to read a Bourdain book. Not even kidding. simple advice. don’t order seafood on thursday. (long and short of it, restaurants get seafood shipments usually, on monday and fridays.) Amazing science behind this: it is what is expected to last during that time frame.

Sure we can talk about the people that really make the service industry a living hell, but why would you do that when you could just simply write something about how easy it is to correct behavior of people that don’t know how to eat at any restaurant.

I guess the only people that write about shitty customers, just don’t know how to guide someone through a good experience. Not being grandiose, just trying to be real. There are definitely enough douche nozzles to go around, but I suspect there is not enough people that actually love what they do.