Swear to god, some day I'm going to spend a full day collecting all the direct ethical contradictions that occur on Jezebel, both in the articles and the comments. Nowhere else is "I hate her face" a legitimate reason for disliking someone. Sisters are doing it together, mm hm.

[ETA] How could I miss this whale of an example? Sofia Vergara: Worst Human Alive.

I realize that Jenna Sauers is being playfully hyperbolic with her title, but why is Jezebel so insistent on acting as gatekeeper for famous women? (Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Lena Dunham are OUT. Who's in? Mindy Kaling. Eh.) I can only assume that this is the beginning of a tiring string of articles scrutinizing every little aspect of Vergara. If their readership doesn't hate her now, they will in six months. Meanwhile, they'll continue to churn out articles on feminist issues; why are men so meeeean to us? Well, for one thing, there is absolutely zero solidarity amongst women. If we aren't going to be kind to one another, why should anybody else? http://jezebel.com/is-sofia-verga…

(I love Ari Schwartz's one-man show in the left-hand column. Funny, but still to the point.)