HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!! The Jack Tatum Memorial Fantasy Football League is hereby open for business for the 2014 season. Ladies and gentlemen, all hail your commissioner.

After an action-packed 2013 campaign that consisted of one trade for the entire league and Real Amurrican winning after going on a month-plus-long sabbatical, there is nowhere for The Jack Tatum Memorial Fantasy Football League to go but up.

Invites have been sent. If anybody wants to get off this crazy rocket heading straight for the sun, let me know so I can; a) openly ridicule you, and 3) find a replacement with a stronger stomach, you ninny.

If anybody else wants in who didn't play last year, holla atcha boy (afterwards, of course, you will have to be addressing me as "commissioner, sir"). There appear to be people lined up to join, so I have expanded the maximum amount of teams to fourteen. We'll see what happens with that.

Draft is set for Wednesday* night before Labor Day weekend. Pretty sure that's the exact same time as last year, during the last round of pre-season games, so somebody will hopefully draft a player who then gets injured five minutes later. I will always cherish watching Tim Tebow throw the last eight flightless ducks of his NFL career in an exhibition game while laughing my ass off with TRC.

I made a couple very small changes to the scoring. Any requests or concerns, speak on them now. Otherwise... let's rock.