It's come to our attention that our personnel tabulation and tracking systems are in a state of disarray. Clashtalk strives to maintain an orderly and comprehensive inventory of all that we find objectionable.

Therefore, the time has come for us, as a community, to ritually debase that which we deplore. So let us provisionally identify all categories of people and specific individuals* for nomination to the Clashtalk Enemies List. THIS IS A SHARED ENDEAVOR PEOPLE. Don't be a shirker.

*In addressing the category of Gawker Media commenters: while it may be tempting to be unerringly precise, I would counsel a firm prohibition against identifying a specific commenter; instead consider for submission types of commenters whose shenanigans are not to be tolerated. Named individual commenters will be dismissed. Our individual enemies here in the kinjaverse all know who they are, and feel the burn of our steely gazes on the regular.