So what did they get?

The Gizmodo Media Group’s new three-year agreement includes:

  • 3% guaranteed increases in each year of the contract;
  • Successorship agreement to protect the contract in the event of a sale;
  • Increased severance for layoffs with a guaranteed minimum of 11 weeks with no trigger threshold;
  • $2,000 bonus paid upon ratification of the contract;
  • Increases to salary minimums with higher increases for lower paid employees to create more equity in our pay scale and raise standards at all levels;
  • Gender neutral parental leave of 12 weeks;
  • Commitment to diversity issues in hiring and to address ongoing concerns at the company with $20,000 annual funding for diversity initiatives;
  • “Just Cause” to give employees due process in disciplinary actions;
  • Legal Support from the company for issues arising from authorized work for the Company;
  • Non-Discrimination language and improved protections against sexual harassment and in company response;
  • Improved Health and Safety language including the right to union representation in bringing a case of sexual harassment;
  • And strengthened supports for career development to provide better opportunities to grow and advance your career.