I was just criticized over on Jezebel, and had a comment dismissed for “virgin shaming.”

Because I made a joke about Men’s Right’s Activists dying as virgins. Like, “hey, who wants to fuck those nasty MRA’s, amirite?”

I’m terrible at eloquently expressing my thoughts on complicated issues, I admit. But I really believe that this mentality, in general (not specifically related to “virgin shaming,”) is the biggest factor in why middle-class and poor whites voted for Trump. (Other than “stupidity.”

I believe that racism, sexism, and economic insecurity round out the top four, but I do think there’s a sizable contingent of whites who can’t stand the “PC Police” of the CTRL-left. I put the following things in this category:

  • The issues with modern feminism, as pointed out by Myrna the other day.
  • Hypersensitivity/ “shaming” accusations and the follow-up attacks. I kind of put the whole Matt Damon thing in this category, to a point. Do we really have to think Matt Damon is a racist because he said something kind of stupid one time, or do we think that maybe his heart’s in the right place but he just needs to be educated better? There’s no fucking gray area any more.
  • Attacking our allies - If you were a white woman visiting Jezebel before the women’s march, you may have felt confused thinking you’re visiting a feminist site.
  • I have no idea how to say this one, so...being too progressive maybe? Example: Use of words like “cisgender.” I really don’t want to be insensitive, and I try to do everything I can to support my trans friends, but...too fast maybe? Like, can we fight for trans rights more first before we insist on using that word to describe everyone else? Because people just don’t understand.


I welcome and encourage being told where I’m wrong. At least I know here on CT it will be more, “Hey QF, I disagree with you on ______ because _______,” as opposed to the CTRL-left onslaught felt elsewhere.