So, for the past three or so days, I've been messing around with the tor browser, the browser that lets you access the illicit, disturbing, anonymous, untraceable parts of the internet. One of the first pages you're directed to is "The Hidden Wiki", kind of like Wikipedia but for deepweb services. It includes annotated lists of retailers offering services and products such as:

Heavy weaponry (enough to, like, pull off a coup in Ghana)

Money laundering

Bitcoin laundering (I refuse to count bitcoins as money)

Twitter-follower purchasing (what?)

Fake passports (from a surprising amount of countries)

Fake IDs

US fucking citizenship

Hardcore narcotics (most coming from Israel, inexplicably)

Stolen credit cards

Stolen identities

Counterfeit money (USD, Euros and GBP, proven to pass the pen test according to them)

Fucking hitmen ("we promise your target will be neutralized within three weeks!")

Not including all the illegal porn sites listed.

Annotated lists on every single one one of those subjects, with comments from viewers ("this site might be compromised, do not visit [12-21-13]" or "best shit is here, but slow loading time [02-01-14]") and notes as to whether the sites were up or down.


Yeah, I'm expecting the feds to be knocking at my door any second now because I viewed a list of that shit. There wasn't a link to a single site that wouldn't get you hard time in federal prison.

It is a place where a person who needs to disappear can relatively easily, cheaply and quickly acquire an entirely new identity, and get a shitton of (fake) money.


I don't know the tech stuff. I'm not sure how anonymous anyone really is on tor. I do know, however, that it will keep growing. More and more people are finding out about it. The deepweb is a five minute download away from their fingertips. No one is accountable for it. Its anonymity is near unbreakable and the people there have no morals (one of the rivals to "The Hidden Wiki" prides itself by saying "all of the links, none of the CP!" Great, so I can buy my military-grade hardware with my counterfeit money and hire hitmen with my illicitly multiplied bitcoins, without having to go to the same site as pedos!). Anything and everything is tacitly endorsed.

I barely even scratched the surface.