If you have ever listened to NWA, seen Boyz In The Hood, or played Tecmo Bowl, you should listen to this song. It essentially reduces the entire previous history of recorded music to poo in comparison.

I was looking forward to this album dropping, but apparently I either stopped checking for it before the tracklist was released or I was really high when I saw it, because it was out for a couple weeks before peeps hipped me to the Raiders Cap joint. Other immediate highlights are a five-star song that jacks the theme from Rocky in non-corny fashion, and a five-star song about smoking weed. Give me three heaters like that and you can do whatever the hell you want on the rest of the record, we're good. But the remainder of the tracks are far from filler. If you know what to expect from these guys, they don't disappoint. And if you're a big fan of scratch choruses like myself... bon appetit.