Following a cameo-filled opener (Martin Short, Jimmy and his cartoonish Jared voice [which may as well be the real thing], Stormy Daniels herself!), this weekend’s Donald Glover-hosted SNL was the sort of treat that reminds you what the format is capable of being—and what an imaginative charmer Glover is.

From his well plotted monologue to the Migos spoof (Friendos, lol), the zany 80s music video, the inept-yet-overly assured lawyer, and his line readings during the Barbie Instagram sketch, Glover brought his all like someone wanting to show how mistaken Lorne was not to hire him at either of his two auditions. No slouch, he also morphed into Childish Gambino as the musical guest (introduced by Zoe Kravitz!).

Sigh, here’s what we could have had weekly with Glover in the cast: