Charles Barkley once said that after he got his first NBA contract, he called his grandmother to say that he'd decided to become a Republican. When she said (and I can hear my grandmother saying the same thing), "You can't do that—that's the rich man's party," he replied, "That's right, grandma, and I'm rich."

I bring this up because for several years I lived in a state with no income tax. Like most guilt-ridden liberal types in similar situations, I spent that time whining about the lack of investment in schools and infrastructure while doing very little (aside from whining about the lack of investment) to actually change things. I've since moved to a state with an income tax (but still lousy schools and infrastructure), and for the first time in my life, my broke ass ended up with additional charges come tax time due to some freelance work I did last year.

Suddenly anarchocapitlaist libertarianism is very appealing, as having to give the state any money whatsoever is clearly socialism. Wake up, sheeple!