Enough already.

I don't know if anyone got a chance to read the ESPN or Deadspin piece on alleged rapist Jameis Winston standing on a table and screaming "FUCK HER RIGHT IN HER PUSSY!!, but I have had my fill. Screaming a vulgarity after facing rape charges only gets you a HALF game ban in college football.

Also this week, the NCAA lifted 2 years off of Penn States 5 year ban for the Sandusky cover-up, which to me is only further proof of the lack of accountability we apply to college institutions and an obvious lack of actual morality that we put in the hands of the governing body of college athleticism.

As a Nebraskan native this isn't something new to me. The last time I checked, Nebraskans would elect Tom Osborne to the position of god in politics. He single handedly won 3 national titles by simply changing his recruiting philosophy of going after players with high morality to going after athletes with questionable moral character, all for the sake of winning. Lawrence Phillips didn't become a bad person by joining the NFL, Tom Osborne covered his ass like white on rice, on a paper plate, in a snow storm. I actually think that is why he retired at the top, because he knew what it took to win, and didn't like the constant maintenance of top athletes.

It's not like this is the only example either, this is nothing but a long running list of examples, from my own personal experiences, to the rumor mill that comes from a college football bound state. Bo Pelini's brother Carl who at one point in time was the defensive coordinator at Nebraska actually took the Florida Atlantic job because he was having an affair with a high powered booster of Nebraska football's wife. I learned of this while I was a chef, from the owner of the restaurant I worked at, whom catered to a bunch of the elite. That is arguably the biggest faux pas that I have heard from the Pelini era. This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on what really goes on in our "schools of higher learning", but the corruption, and the facade of oversight has come to a head with me. I am done.


The longer we act like all the problems plaguing the NFL happened because the NFL created them, is something we need to get out of our heads right now. I am not saying the NFL has not done it's fair share of covering up scandals, but the problem that haunts the athletes in the pros didn't just pop up magically. It starts with the Jimbo Fishers of this world, the Bobby Petrino's, the Nick Sabans. It starts when these athletes are put in positions that could cost their coaches wins, and instead of taking the high ground, they all to often call for "due process" to run it's course, while turning a blind eye to the victims.

Everyone gets treated differently in this world, it is a fact of life. I just don't think we can afford to turn a blind eye to the crimes that harm the mental well being of our fellow human beings anymore, and in this day and age, the cover-up of such atrocities is without a doubt as disgusting a crime, as the one's committed by the perpetrators.


If the NFL wants moral athletes, it should probably try doing something about the people molding the pool of athletes they are drawing from. Ok, I am done, that is my rant for the day.