What Gawker writers and editors are complaining about, when they refer to the “unprecedented breach of the firewall,” is that an editorial decision—taking down Jordan Sargent’s post—was made by a team that included business people. Business people are never supposed to influence decisions about editorial content. In this case, a third of the deciders were on the Business/Advertising side.

From Trotter’s post reporting on the removal of Sargent’s piece:

The partners who voted to remove the post were Andrew Gorenstein, who serves as the president of advertising and partnerships; chief operating officer Scott Kidder; chief strategy officer Erin Pettigrew; and chief executive officer Nick Denton, who founded Gawker Media in 2002. [There were two other partners, Craggs and the Gawker Media lawyer. Both voted to keep the post up.]

(“Chief Strategy Officer” = Pettigrew “leads the company’s platform product team and overall business strategy working directly for the CEO. These groups include responsibility for publishing platform growth and revenue products.” —her LinkedIn page)

Also a gif that just seemed appropriate for the day: