Equipto, his mother Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Selassie Blackwell, Ike Pinkston and Ed Lindo have been on a hunger strike in front of the Mission Police station for 16 days, refusing to eat until mayor Ed Lee fires San Francisco Chief Of Police Greg Suhr. They’ve been being monitored by students and doctors with White Coats For Black Lives throughout, and today with the weather turning they made the call to get The Frisco 5 off the street.

I really don’t like having to deal with serious shit. I don’t like writing about it because I don’t want to fuck it up, but I don’t want to spend a whole day or more pissing into the wind making it sound legit. Even aside from that, I mean what am I ever doing, talking about sports or music or talking shit... if (IF!) I have any issues, this is probably high on the list. Real shit. But, here we are. These people are dying, and they’re not wrong.

Pretty sure the first day of The Frisco 5's hunger strike was the day Prince died. How fucked up is that? I felt so bad for them. Straight up, if my opinion counted for anything to anybody I would have advised against a hunger strike three weeks ago. It’s the nuclear option of peaceful protesting. After that, what you got? Are we really there yet?

Maybe we are.

The Mario Woods killing didn’t look right. And by “right,” I mean just. That did not look like justice. The most recent officer-involved killing of a homeless man out in the tent city seems to be the last straw in the community, but I haven’t heard much about that since it happened. In that instance it was the homeless outreach team who called the police to the scene, so just off that I’ve always been hopeful, that there really was some wild shit going on.


The Alex Nieto killing is some fucked up shit for sure though. Like I said, I don’t do the serious shit like I should, I didn’t read up on that like I should have until late in the game. Off what came out in court in that case, yeah, we may have a serious problem here.

And it’s not like Greg Suhr is some poor schmuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s been in some serious shit. The kind of shit where if he gets to be the chief of a major police department, you kinda gotta wonder...


I left all the above vague for two reasons- it’s Friday night, and if you aren’t already informed about all of this and you give a shit, you’re better off reading up on it on your own than having it told to you by me. I have told you about Equipto before though. It would be eyebrow-raising for the national media not to have picked up on this story with a RAPPER involved, if only Equipto and Bored Stiff weren’t already conspicuously slept on. Nobody gives a shit about Bay rap, we know.

This is bigger than all that though. Sounds like right now cops are trying to clear the scene in front of the Mission station, and people aren’t having that. The people have also made their voices heard in city hall this evening.


You can argue the tactics of The Frisco 5, but you can’t argue that Greg Suhr and Ed Lee don’t fucking suck, especially after Ed ducked through the back door of the Mission station to try and stage a photo op making it look like The Frisco 5 wouldn’t face him the other day. These dudes are bullshit. You know how I know that? If they weren’t they would have exhibited some humanity and at least showed their fucking faces when people were taking years off their lives on what they think are their streets.

Keep an eye on SF, and keep The Frisco 5 in your thoughts.