Per NY Times tech reporter Farhad Manjoo, the attorney tied to Peter Thiel, the one who bankrupted Gawker, already has his/their sights set on several other news outlets in relation to news reporting about Melania Trump.

Not even a week after the Gawker Media Group auction was finalized and already other media outlets have been put on notice that they’re facing litigation in response to coverage that’s seen as unfavorable.

So are the people who were arguing that GM’s bankruptcy and’s shut down was just comeuppance for the “crime” of being salacious still going to insist that Peter Thiel’s actions weren’t about media suppression? Are they still going to try to argue that his bankrolling of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit won’t have detrimental impacts to First Amendment protections?

Girl, please.

H/t to Jinxe.