The most vocal opponent of Scocca's masterclass* on Gawker's ideology was Jim Behrle. He has been posting on a µblog that uses collage and fridge magnets to criticize gawker.

This sort of kitchen-sink approach makes his concern trolling justified. He has taken this position against Scocca whose essay stood in for the attitude of a media empire that is not even shared by its founder, Denton, who has constantly tried to improve the reputation of Kinja.

Behrle is not anti-gawker; he's cautioning us against the danger of being sold the same cynicism by athing by a powerless voice even after it has gained power. Behrle's first post is in fact styled after Luther, as a believer's revolt. A transcript:

If someone pinned 95 theses on the doors of the internet it would make a great slideshow. Websites used to be the salvation of the smart over the stupid. Now they drive stupidity. Money has made us all complicit. When we could make more turning everyone into mewing consumers than we could pissing everyone off, we became the corporations we used to despise. Pin a thesis on yourself and so will I. Welcome to the new DOT BIZ.

Next a funny staged scene.

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