So yesterday my daughter was downtown with some of her friends when they saw a woman abusing her daughter on the street. The daughter looked to be about 12 and according to my daughter her mother was screaming at her, slapping her and repeatedly pulling her hair. Like, for a while. The mother was screaming in what the girls thought was Korean. The girls got very upset and my daughter (kind of a take charge of the situation type) actually tried to intervene and get her to stop before realizing the mother seemingly couldn't understand English. My daughter called the police dept non-emergency number and informed them, but I guess before anything came of that the mother and daughter boarded a bus and were gone.

On the one hand I'm proud of my daughter that she saw something wrong, a child being hurt, and knew she had to do something but otoh I'm little appalled that she just approached them and tried to get involved. It does sound like it was just really really extreme, the girl was crying and her mom kept yanking on her hair and whaling on her, but you know, you have to be aware that you never know who you're messing with. There are a lot of situations I would shy away from getting directly mixed up in myself, and I'm an adult trained in nonviolent crisis intervention. My daughter's just a kid.

Therefore we have a "so in the future..." talk that needs to be had. Still proud of her on principle for not turning a blind eye to vulnerable people that need help though.