I worked so hard to find it, so I have to bring it to the top of the page.

Do you all remember the meta thread of yore? Whelp, do to the FGM thread down yonder I did some digging to find one of my favorite threads of the last few years. I did have to suffer through two years of my comment history to find it, but that only made it more fulfilling.

Anyhoo, scroll down the comments till you see Unicycle's thread starter.

Whilst (hehe sorry BP) perusing my history I found so many amazing conversations with people long forgotten. To be honest, It was a really nice journey down memory lane, and I'm glad that though it's incomplete, some of my opus still lives deep in the Gwak. It does sadden me that the most amazing conversations on CT are only faded memories in an aging and increasingly foggy brain. This six-year-old (in-updatable) computer in my office is the last place Shouldnthave can stay logged in to CLT, as I have long forgotten my password to the twitter account. Soon enough that will pass too...

Woah! *slaps face* Enjoy the show!