So earlier today I noticed a Post-It note on the door of the men's room with the following: "Sex with one Partner can still be group sex!" Capitalization issues aside, it struck me as an odd message. I tried to take a picture, but, as is often the case in slapstick comedy, some guy opened the door just as I held the phone up to snap the picture (on an even more slapstick note, it was a former student). As a result, the picture turned out all blurry.

Later, I went to a different men's room in my building and found more—I'm assuming that there is some coordinated effort to build awareness for safe sex. Why they thought, "Hey, let's put these up over urinals!" is beyond me. The messages included calls for condom use and the following words of wisdom:

And the mot juste:

Classy and informative, although I object to the note-writer's plagiarism of my erotic Mad Libs, #127 of which clearly includes the following:

"I'd love to perform [-ingus noun] on you, but first you need to spread your [body part] so that I can make a cursory examination of your [orifice]."