So what's with bloggers and journalists who see a pile of racist and misogynist tweets/comments/essays and correctly attack the writer of said pieces for racism, but don't say a goddamned word about misogyny? It's usually dudes who do it — on the main page Aleksander Chan erased some hardcore anti-woman speech in three consecutive posts about Anthony Cumia. How dare he ignore my repeated but polite corrections?

(Tracie may have made the same mistake in her Jez piece on Cumia, but I don't know or care, because she's terrible and not worth reading.)

Want proof? Read Cumia's tweets, particularly the first and the last:

This erasure occurs in liberal media all the time. The issue reached peak frustration for me shortly after Elliot Rodger's massacre. Buzzfeed correctly called Rodger a racist, but couldn't manage to say misogynist. It's maddening.

Any theories as to why this happens? Are we such a stupid people that we can't acknowledge two simultaneous problems? Or does the m-word scare people, especially liberal people and dude people, in a way racism doesn't? Maybe they (falsely) think racism is simple, and that their hands are clean. Maybe misogyny scares them, either because it's often gray, or because we're all a little guilty?

You know the racist asshole commenters who say terrible things like "We're all racist in private"? I'm beginning to think a lot of seemingly decent people are misogynistic in private. Which may be why they're not keen on publicly acknowledging it in others.