The new trailer came out this week - I won’t bother linking it since you can find it everywhere - and I was not bouncing off the walls as expected. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a major fanboy and will see the movie the second it drops in theaters, but unlike the other trailers, this one just doesn’t hit me right.

Most likely, I’m restless at the notion of the first film of this last trilogy just being plot setup for the other two remaining films. Of course that has to happen since it’s a trilogy, but waiting four to six more years for the story to play out really conflicts with my new-found instincts as a binge watcher.

I’m like a kid again, when the time between Christmases seemed like a dreary grey eternity. Except now, Christmas comes every two years. And you fear that Christmas will slightly suck, since the last three kinda did.

I’m not a “canon” Star Wars type, so I could give a shit that JJ Abrams ditched all the overwrought fiction that has been generated over the last 33 years. I couldn’t imagine a coherent screenplay could emerge from all that tripe anyway.

Part of me is not looking forward to two goddamn years of obsessively thinking about all the loose ends that Episode VII will generate, only to get a plateful of new loose ends after Episode VIII. I’m also thinking that the most likely plot turn will have Han Solo die because Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger and to compound that, he goes around crashing planes and shit. You can’t recast Han Solo. I’m not too optimistic about Luke or Leia’s chances for long-term survival, either.


My own mental health would have been much better served if Disney and Abrams had not begun picking at this scab again. I flip-flop daily between trying to learn absolutely nothing about the film before I see it and scouring the internet for hints to Luke’s fate and motivations.

And if this one sucks, then that opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms - a can that we previously opened with the prequels.

So this is how I’m going to feel until about 2019 or so. Hopefully I can fill the time in between with all that other non-Star Wars shit like work and family.