So earlier today Deadspin mentioned that one of the adorable puppies adopted by the adorable Gus Kenworthy died before it could make it back to the US. Unfortunate, to be sure. When I clicked the link to the update on Twitter (What?! I was bored), I noticed a link to the DS story, as well as this:

I understand that ABC is a big operation. I realize that this was probably just reposted by some intern and not one of their other reporters, so it's not like they ignored meth lab bust in John Boehner's office for this. But, seriously, a dead puppy?

Rest in peace, puppy. I'm here for you, Gus. And ABC...I'm very disappointed in you.

(And congrats...I Tom Ley ((great glasses, by the way)) for one of the best uses of parentheses in a headline I've seen in a while.)