On Monday night, the NCAA released a statement saying it is pulling all championship events scheduled to be held in North Carolina for the 2016-2017 season because HB2 still exists. Read about it here on Deadspin!! A little while after the NCAA decision, the NC GOP decided to release this statement via twitter:

I am losing my ability to even with these people. Between this and the McCrory campaign releasing an ad where it calls the controversy surrounding HB2 “political correctness” and calling the bill “common sense,” these assholes are managing to triple-down on their hate. I know it is more than just the governor, but I am going to enjoy voting ol’ Pat the fuck out of office in a couple of months. I just hope that he and his buddies at the NC GOP don’t try to run the state further into the ground when they become lame ducks. And if they somehow win, I am seriously considering getting the fuck out of this place before it sinks all the way to the bottom.

A couple of brief asides:

  1. The NC GOP isn’t wrong in that the situation at Baylor is fucked up. But the NCAA is a big enough organization that it can handle multiple things at one time. Don’t use one fucked up thing to distract from the fact that those in power have dug in their heels on HB2 and now you’re pissed that there’s actual ramifications from it.
  2. As an NC State fan, I find it hilarious that the NCAA can put this hammer down on the state but they cannot give UNC the proper punishment it deserves for the academic fraud perpetrated there.