Cultural appropriation blah blah blah, but there are some lines that you really don't cross. So am I wrong, or was there a concerted, Mitt Romney-on-Univision type effort made to make Iggy Azalea look like a black person on her album cover?

It's especially galling when you contrast that image with everything she's done since she blew up- she looks whiter than Renee Zellweger after being locked in a closet for three years. The first time I saw this album cover, I thought she was black. Had no idea she was white until I read it around here.

Also, here is my set from teh cluh this past Sunday night. After last week's bullshit I decided to put absolutely no prep whatsoever into my set this week, to gauge how sustainable that M.O. would potentially be going forward. So this is George Blenda at his worst, which I recall wasn't too bad.

Also also, did somebody share my account of last week's bullshit online? Because last time I checked, it had almost 300 views, and that is way, way high for my little missives on here.