No, not dead celebrities (RIP, Abe Vigoda); the commenters who have either vanished or don't pop in nearly as much as they used to. You're all missed, folks. Come home soon. This list isn't meant to be comprehensive (apologies if you're lurking, see this, and say, "Hey, I laughed at that bastard's joke once, and this is how he repays me?")—they're just the folks I thought of the other day when I got to thinking, "Hey, whatever happened to..." Feel free to add whomever you would like, and join me in tipping my 40:

People I Haven't Seen Anywhere on GM Lately:
Peppermint Butler
Snafu (I think she hasn't been around for even longer, but I always liked her and hope she comes back)
QuantumSuicide (her appearance last month was like a glorious, bittersweet mirage)

People Who I've Seen Elsewhere, and Wish We'd See Here:
McCoy's Mistress