Hey, how are ya? Work has been both the bane and overwhelming driving force of my recent absence. But I’m arse deep in Prosecco, so I’ll stumble in like it was only yesterday and ramble on..

I saw my dad yesterday. Not that we don’t speak (well the odd text) or have ever really fallen out. Just that the whole paternal; father son, grandfather thing has pretty much withered and dropped from the vine.

I called in to see him about some work he wants me to do. We made small talk although he didn’t quite get far enough to ask about his grand kids. He turns 60 next year and plans to semi retire into a part time job. I mention this (1 as I was quite surprised) but well, I suppose in the ‘dividing lines and demarcation points in life it’s a biggey. I left his house with our relationship being no better or worse than it was the week before. No further apart but never closer than the last few years.

As I drove home, a little melancholic and listening to Dylan, I couldn’t and still can’t decide whether I want to either place my hands on this mans’ shoulders and gently ask him to be more like a father, or just tell him, as my brother once drunkenly did, that he’s ‘ a bit of a cunt’.

Or just carry on in this weird limbo.

On a more positive note I’ve just bought a Chromebook and that’s working out well.


and nice to see you!