One of the great things about twitter is you can take a peek inside the mind of somebody you would not otherwise have the opportunity to talk to, and in my case that has led me down a rabbit hole to the insanity of the ultra right.

The ultra right I found out loves to use trigger words like, sheeple, wake up, and I have discovered don’t quite grasp what a false flag is, but love claiming everything is a false flag and they also want you to share their fanatical ravings to everyone like a shitty “I hate Obama” facebook meme. Some of these people have serious and obvious mental issues as you could deduce from watching David Fry going on about an X-files esque government UFO Conspiracy.

This “breaking news” video claims marshall law has been declared.

One of the more insane people that I watched through this ordeal has been this twitter user: GinaMarinelloSweeney and 2 others follow

†Catholic Defender@AwakeDeborah Feb 9

Let FIRE Marshall Briles explain WHY HE RESIGNED Over FEDS HARASSING RANCHERS IN BURNS OREGON:—e… #Oregonstandoff #tcot


Note the passion of the christ avatar.

Twitter users like her are only the icing on the cake with fake news organizations spreading so much bullshit you would never be able to actually understand like:



A good standoff of course needs government issued crisis actors. The big sticking points with the crisis actors is EVERYBODY saw them at Sandy Hook!! OMFG they are coming for your guns!!

Horophat is a giant fan of conspiracy theories.


Note the bold use of the word truth.


The really believe in the phrase “We the people” I suspect it is because that is literally the only phrase in the constitution they know.

This guy Christopher Greene goes on a temper tantrum of all temper tantrums. Keep an eye out for this guy, he has got future leader written all over him.

Then you have twitter user True Patriot. His bio:

True Patriot


Conservative Patriot, Christian, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Liberal,Pro-Life, JESUS IS KING Pro America, Pro Family, No Communists Progressives/Liberals


In case you are wondering is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It actually makes breitbart look like intelligent discourse.

This is a good one. It says the whole thing was staged to flush out christians and patriots.


It should be noted that is so far right that they hate ted cruz and fox news. The also have a real hard on for nasa. That is a scary place to be.

To finish making this sausage, I just want to say that some of the crazier shit I couldn’t find again because it was in the doldrums of the stand off and I have to get ready for work. During the relatively quiet parts of the standoff the only people really talking about it were the hardened right wingers. I also want to say if you wanted to catch up on this Amanda Preacher did an excellent job covering this. It has been a crazy month and a half.