.....right for us! mrrrWWrrrAAAWWRRR

who the fuck takes a brat to bang dounts in a brat?

Last thing you'll need to write down and have to remember: need more drypens.

ALSO: the fuckin "don't hangout so much in Cuba was a sublte goof on Maine, CTwhateverthefuckwave, playing the role as "Cuba" ya fuckindipswitchindimwits ;D... (ompletely unrealated droolage for broads that are so fuckin rough lookinng bent out of shape they could make a glasseye cry. Most gals don't look like that, and some gals that do becasue of some incredible mysognistic precpts in the shitstinkingrottingcockpitoffestering greay matter should be pissing themselves at this point. Go away festors— yafookinkoonts)