Apparently this is more common than I thought. It was way back at the turn of the century in 2001. I was a young whipper snapper that just graduated high school and was attending a party with quite a bit of booze involved.

As the party was going down I had caught the attention of a lass that had been flirting with me in school for quite some time. The house party wasof course at a kids house who’s parents had took a vacation lol. Anyhow we decided to use one of the spare bedrooms, and as 2 just graduated from high school, drunken teenagers do we fumbled around each other.

Well, apparently she didn’t know her personal limits and next thing I know I have a lap filled with not jus a little bit of bile but full on chunks. So what does teenage TL do?! He pulls his pants up chunks and all and sprints past everyone at the party to his car. I can still hear people asking me where I was going as I sprint for the door hoping nobody notices the front of my pants are starting to look wet. I can still smell the vomit that I sat in the whole way home in my Lebaron.

Happy weekend y'all.