This last commenter purge has completely sapped my tiny remaining will to even bother with any of Gawker Industries main pages.

Why pursue a status that will only get taken away again when King of France Denton decides to blame the commentariat for his fever-dream plans failing spectacularly one more time. I've chased that rabbit two or three times already - I've lost count and interest.

This is a good a refuge as any here in the sub-blogs, although I suppose Denton will once again turn his lidless eye upon them, judge them to be of no monetary value, and then send another editorial toady in to tear down our shanties and send us into exile.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the calls weren't coming from inside the house to begin with. Probably not, but what if you could leverage a situation that "forces" the crown to purge those annoying peasants while conveniently flushing out traitors and rebels in the editorial class. Two birds, one stone. And you don't seem as completely malevolent as you did the last time. You had to do it.

At least we'll still have Paris.