Robert Ferrante, a professor of neurological surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was charged on Thursday with a single count of criminal homicide in connection with the death of his wife, Autumn Klein, in April. An article online in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette points to an affidavit stating that Klein, a neurologist, had a cyanide level that "was found to be in the lethal range."

He asked for the "best and purest cyanide he could get" to be delivered the next day, the witness said.

Via Science Magazine; photo taken from Etsy

Paranoid that someone is trying to kill you? Here's a list of recent poisoning cases.



In the earlier incarnation of Crosstalk or Clashtalk, I mentioned about a crazy junior researcher whose MO is to sprinkle acrylamide, a powerful neurotoxin, at her enemy's belongings, e.g. footwear, bag, etc. Not a single witness bothered to report her to the authorities. Luckily, no one showed any signs of neurological damage.


Looney is now married and just recently obtained a PhD degree in bioinformatics. I am glad that she no longer has access to hazardous chemicals.