You were young once- do you recall yourself or anybody else having any respect for "assertive" males?

You may better remember young, "assertive" males by their more common descriptions of "idiots" or "assholes." Nobody really wanted to be like them, or near them. Between school and playing ball, there were never... never ever ever any dipshits who somehow managed to elevate themselves to some kind of leadership status through sheer force of will. Bumping your gums is minus points to all reasonable people.

It's not until adulthood that you can fake the funk. Nobody bought that shit when we were kids. The whole point was that we were all in it together. Even when you get into high school and college and you occasionally do peer-led work, nobody liked an asshole. We didn't portion out our respect according to who demanded it the loudest. It was pretty much the opposite.

DEMAND your respect is some Mob Wives bullshit. Until you're old enough to pad your resume and go into debt on a Beamer, you have to EARN respect. Kids have a way better sense for that shit than adults. Telling girls to revel in alienating all their peers does not strike me as very productive.