Inspired by this essay in the New York Times (The Sex Toys in the Attic), I'm thinking that there has to be money in cleaning out people's apartments and browser histories so that their relatives don't have to sift through mountains of porn and used sex toys. The only question is how to advertise such a business...

โ€”"You've come...and gone. That's where we come in."
โ€”"Your family has been in your life since the beginning, but they don't need to know about everything else that's been in you."
โ€”"Your pacemaker may have given out, but your vibrator is still going strong. Let us take that out of your cold, dead hands."
โ€”"Now that you've stopped raging against the dying of the light, you won't be needing that Fleshlight anymore."
โ€”"You served both your wife and your country for you really want the second paragraph of your obituary to talk about all of those pictures of twinks doing unspeakable things to each other? Think about your legacy. Think about your family. Think about the next guy who will get assigned your office at the Supreme Court."