Come with me on a magical internet adventure where you look up one thing then slide down the rabbit hole and end up on the MRA sub redditt page. Oh there will be such wonder...what's that? Oh its a pretty blue bird telling me that the age of consent in California is much too high. Oh blue bird what is you logic? Oh my I do not think "If theres grass on the field" is a legal argument. Lets skip down the road....Why hello bunny, what's that did you say? I should be shot for asking for primary custody and health insurance for my child and that children should live with the parent who can afford it and its a man's right to protect this children from being raised by harpy shews? Oh mister bunny that's not kind.....Oh well fuck you too you fedora wearing asshat. And down the lane we go, why look its two bucks coming over to talk...what's that good sirs...why no I probably shouldn't be out this late, and the lady at Macy's said this skirt fit just fine.....NO you jerks its not your right to have relations with women and celibacy not a death sentence and I do not have to put out because you were being NICE GUYS. BAM Well at least I still have my right to carry this big ass gun....Oh hello mister, nice flag. Snakes are pretty cool. No I don't like paying taxes, tell me more.