...if there hadn’t been a problem.

Actual instruction from a class I’m taking:

“And when you turn in your final project on a flash drive, make sure to close everything out that you don’t want me to see. And please, please label everything. I’ve had too many times where I had to go looking and ended up seeing more of my students than I ever wanted to.”

That’s not how I had expected this to end (I thought he was talking about people turning in flash drives with their favorite porn videos in the main menu), but still. Exactly how out of it do you have to be to say, “I’ll go ahead and save my project on this flash drive. I don’t think it’s got my...private...selfies on the main menu, but what the hell—what am I going to do, check?” And what kind of freak doesn’t have a dedicated flash drive or password-protected folder with an innocuous name for that sort of thing? Or so I have read?

Still, the temptation is strong to turn in my final project on this flash drive: