Do you like football? Do you like beer? Do you like coaches who do jack shit the minimum required by law about kids getting raped in the locker room, then claim to have never heard of pederasty despite being Classics majors and lifelong devout Catholics? Well, let’s bring those things together with Duquesne Brewing’s new Joe Paterno-themed beer cans.

According to the brewery owner, they’ve sold almost a million cans so far, and are working hard to keep up with demand, despite early objections that they were in questionable taste. Because, and I am not making this up, people were worried that being associated with alcohol might be a bad look for Paterno’s legacy.

Listen, Duquesne Brewing, I don’t know if you need one, but if you decide to put a slogan in your ads, you might want to go with “Joe Paterno Lager: With the benefit of hindsight, you’ll wish you had drank more.”