I’m not doing this because I want to talk about Bernie. I mostly doing this because I- for some reason- love to rant about Meghan McCain and her idiotic brain is forced into the public sphere by ABC.

So riddle me this.... How is anyone at Splinter this stupid? They’re not serious, right? RIGHT!

“Damn Meghan, just say it: You’re a Bernie fan.”

Fucking toddlers. The same woman who defends this current administration like she’s getting paid to is not a fan of Bernie because she really thinks his ideas are great. Even she has enough brains in her head to know that there is a likelihood of a repeat of 2016- where Bernie loses and then pouts and farts about it until Dems lose the election and he acts like only he could have brought the revolution. A revolution were only white straight men are catered to.

I’m tired, y’all.

Also McCain is a fascist troll. Just like her dead dad. Bye!