Welcome to They Elected This Asshole, a new Clashtalk recurring feature. First up, former Congressman William Dannemeyer!

Name: William Dannemeyer

Party: Republican

State: California (39th district, Orange County)

Notable for: His hatred of the homos, the Clinton Body Count, Holocaust denialism, AIDS trutherism

What can you say about old Billy Dannemeyer that hasn’t already been said? Fine, I’ll repeat it.

He’s probably most famous for reading out on the floor of congress a “graphic” description of homosexuality:

activities peculiar to homosexuality include: Rimming, or one man using his tongue to lick the rectum of another man; golden showers, having one man or men urinate on another man or men; fisting or handballing, which has one man insert his hand and/or part of his arm into another man’s rectum; and using what are euphemistically termed ‘toys’ such as one man inserting dildoes, certain vegetables, or lightbulbs up another man’s rectum.


Sounds like Bill got himself a little hot and bothered. He later published a book called “Shadow in the Land,” whose cover is excellent.

Look at those Freddy Mercury lookalikes! And those threatening elderly lesbians with their short hair next to them!


Dannemeyer is also a shitbag for wanting to quarantine AIDS patients. He believed (or believes? Homeboy is still alive) AIDS patients give off a spore that caused birth defects, because of course he did.

He voted against the Americans With Disabilities Act. I have nothing else to add. Nothing snarky. Motherfucker was one of 21 congressmen to vote against it. And he got reelected the same year!

Oh, but Slick Willy was just getting started. After leaving congress, he published the now infamous Clinton Body Count, a list of 27 people that Billary knew that died under “mysterious circumstances.”


He ran for senate in 1994, but lost the GOP nomination to Michael Huffington, who is now a gay rights activist, funnily enough.

In 2006 he tried to convince people Laci Peterson was murdered by a Satanic cult and not Scott Peterson.

He believes Jews are trying to exterminate Christians. He’s currently married to Lorraine Day, a holocaust-denier with neo-Nazi links. She has also peddled dangerous alternative cancer treatments.


They elected this asshole seven times to the US congress.