Marcus* was nine and Nick* was four when their dad explained that he was going to start a new life as a woman. In several conversations, Dio Dipasupil, married and in his early 40s, would sit down with his boys at the family’s home in New Jersey and basically say, in very simple terms, that Daddy felt better being a girl. That he wasn’t happy with himself as a man and was happier as a woman.

Source: Vice

I learned that I have trans aunt at my grandmother's funeral last May. This is how we were introduced:

Aunt 1: Mr. Vowel Hoarder, this is your...? Is it uncle or auntie? (looking at trans aunt)

Aunt 2: It's auntie (smiling)

Aunt 1: This is Auntie Mary, formerly Uncle Manny. (both aunts laughing wildly)

The good thing was that nobody seemed to batted an eyelash when trans aunt took her boyfriend in the funeral mass. I am glad that all my relatives are so accepting despite their strict adherence to the Catholic teachings.


By the way, Auntie Mary is actually pretty since she has a naturally delicate bone structure unlike most biological XYs.