Things I did:

1. Got drunk celerbrating the second wedding anniversary of two of my best friends.

2: Got more drunk.

3. Had a fight with Mr. Scylla becuase no, I hate blueberry beer and why would you fucking think I would like it in the first place? Fine, YOU can drink it, along with the shitty Labatte Ice you bought and those damn nachos.

4. Got more drunk.
5. Sneezed 13 times in a row.
6. Got hit on by an actual McDreamy brain surgeon (can verify, even my neurosurgical sister was impressed by his name).

7. Was disgusted when McDreamy kept expecting me to be impressed.
8. Felt not a bit of remorse when I told him I was married.
9. Spent $40 on a cab home because Mr. Scylla can suck it.

Things I am doing now:

1. Not apologizing to Mr. Scylla, becaues he's a stupid-head.
2. Drinking my 4th bottle of water.


3. Putting on a sweatshirt because June in Buffalo means its 45 degrees.

4. Remembering fondly 4 years ago when Mr. Scylla and I fough about the waiter bringing appetizers. I was for it, so you know.

5. Considering starting an appetizer delivery service.
6. Wondering how much my head will hurt tomorrow.
7. Wondering why I insisted the cab driver stop so I could grab a pack of John McCain's cigarettes.


(Yes, I actually bought those. $9.50, bitches)