I'm kind of a Wikipedia junky, and I was just looking up tongue-click languages (don't ask how I got down that rabbit hole). As I typed in "tongue clicking," I wondered if they had a page for tongue piercing. Not surpisingly, they do. At the bottom of the page they have a link to other types of piercing—some of which I had heard of, some of which I had not. For instance, anal piercing, the page for which includes a (not as scary as one might think) picture. It's a short article (I mean, how much explanation do you need?), but includes the following health-related information:

Some report difficulty cleaning the area after defecating and report that washing is necessary in addition to or as a substitute for wiping.

When bleeding occurs after extreme or violent defecation, it is best interest of the one who is anally pierced to contact a physician immediately.

Emphasis added. Well, there it is, then.