So I’m sitting here on a Sunday night bored as fuck, jerking around on the internet and flipping channels when I come accross “The Doobie - Brothers Live at the Greek Theatre - 1982” on PBS. I was at that show. I think, why? Why the fuck would anybody be interested in watching this crap?

It was the last night of their final tour and it was being filmed. All I could remember was the bright lights every time the camera crew panned over and low flying helicopters taking aerial shots. So it starts and I’m all OMG! Introducing the band, as he did at all of his shows, a casual acquaintance from back in the day and long since dead, Bill Graham.

Wow! Now my interest is piqued so I started watching and it all begins to come back. I remembered I knew who every member of the band was. Where everyone was positioned on the stage. What everyone in the band was wearing. Certain things that where said and done on stage and the cheer of the crowd. Michael McDonald’s voice and why I ever thought he was hot. I remembered I was high as fuck on pot and mushrooms and drinking bud from a can.

I remembered it was a warm, beautiful, bay area night, the orange glow of the full moon low in the sky, surveying the crowd and having one of those moments where you think, how great life is to be experiencing such an incredible night. So as I dive further into the performance, I start thinking, maybe I’m more nostalgic than I ever imagined because I’m really starting to dig it. And then it happened.

I’m like holy fuck! Is that? OMG! It is. It’s me! White pants, no shirt, playing air guitar at the front of the stage. I remember that moment now. It’s so bizarre how everything about that night came back after so many years gone by. Strange to have a snippet of life, a moment in time, long since forgotten, reemerge like that from out of the blue after 33 years.

I had to see that guitar solo of mine again so I went on-line and found a place to watch it for free. After viewing it 3 or 4 times and marveling at the facial expressions, it occurred to me that’s exactly who I was then, it’s still who I am today, and now I know why anyone would want to watch that crap.


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